Detroit once stood tall and proud. A blue collar boomtown. A towering industrial center. The automobile capital of the world. Today, Detroit struggles to hold its footing – banged, bruised and nearly bankrupt after a decades-long trend of declining population, shrinking revenue and a plethora of other challenges that plague many of our nation’s urban centers.

Detroit’s rebirth demands difficult choices by civic leaders, and the vigorous involvement of an engaged citizenry that is well informed about the social and political issues that affect our lives. Neither Detroit’s elected officials nor its citizens can relieve the city’s distress by working in isolation. Instead, stakeholders at both ends of this spectrum must work together to create real solutions for our future.

CitizenDetroit involves a new kind of political conversation that challenges citizens to think as policy makers and to help develop strategies for Detroit’s recovery, reconstruction and renaissance. Detroit’s current reality of scarce resources and immense challenges requires innovative ways to solve our problems. Left to fend for ourselves, leaders and citizens alike stand on the edge of Detroit’s uncertain future – unsure of what to do next.  Maybe you have the answers.

What would you do?