Meet our Facilitators
CitizenDetroit's facilitators are critical to inspiring citizen participation and engagement in all of our activities and programs.  

All of our Facilitators have a love for the City of Detroit with experiences ranging from those in the beginning of their career to those with more than 20 years working as a city employee.  They are dedicated volunteers committed to seeing the city build on its strengths - to become the place where you live, work and play.

  • Linda Allen

    Linda Allen

  • Janet Anderson

    Janet Anderson

  • Penelope Bailer

    Penelope Bailer

  • Estella Ball

    Estella Ball

  • Vincent Bennett

    Vincent Bennett

  • Benjamin Bowman

    Benjamin Bowman

  • Ron Brown

    Ron Brown

  • Kay Buckner-Seal

    Kay Buckner-Seal

  • Stephanie Bugdalski

    Stephanie Bugdalski

  • Richard Buss

    Richard Buss

  • Henderson Butler III

    Henderson Butler III

  • Shelley Clifton

    Shelley Clifton

  • Debra Cain

    Debra Cain

  • Cynthia Cockrel

    Cynthia Cockrel

  • Jesse Cockrel

    Jesse Cockrel

  • LaTrice Davis

    LaTrice Davis

  • Amber Elliott

    Amber Elliott

  • Drew Esslinger

    Drew Esslinger

  • Kathryn Harrison

    Kathryn Harrison

  • Kimberly James

    Kimberly James

  • Jacqueline Jones Love

    Jacqueline Jones Love

  • Allison Kriger

    Allison Kriger

  • Kelly Larson

    Kelly Larson

  • Daisye Mays

    Daisye Mays

  • Porter Mays

    Porter Mays

  • Sonya Mays

    Sonya Mays

  • Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

  • Jonilyn Paige

    Jonilyn Paige

  • Debbie Pospiech

    Debbie Pospiech

  • Lawrence Robinson

    Lawrence Robinson

  • Bridget Schipper

    Bridget Schipper

  • Saundra Sumner

    Saundra Sumner

  • Dorothy Washington

    Dorothy Washington

  • Stephen Washington

    Stephen Washington

  • Nicole Weidenhamer

    Nicole Weidenhamer

  • Geneva Williams

    Geneva Williams